Jack Nguyen


Board Member

Partner at Mazars

I am a Canadian Vietnamese who was born in Vietnam, grew up in Canada and now live and work in Vietnam for the past 8 years. I received my University education at the University of Waterloo and I interned and started my career at KPMG in Toronto. I am a Canadian Chartered
Accountant and a Vietnamese CPA. I am currently a Partner with Mazars, an international accounting and advisory firm operating in Vietnam for over 25 years. I currently work in a field helping many multi-national companies that are either entering or are already investing in Vietnam. I have advised many companies on Vietnam’s investment laws, tax laws and other regulations. With both Vietnam and Canada being members of CPTPP, there is tremendous opportunity for both countries to invest in and trade more with each other. Because I am a Canadian Vietnamese, I have vested interests for both Canada and Vietnam to do well economically through more trading and investments. As a Partner at Mazars, I am well positioned to advise Canadian and Vietnamese companies about investments and regulatory matters in both Canada and Vietnam.