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Sat, Jun 26



Resilience in Difficult Times - Driving Business toward a Sustainable Future

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Resilience in Difficult Times -  Driving Business toward a Sustainable Future
Resilience in Difficult Times -  Driving Business toward a Sustainable Future

Time & Location

Jun 26, 2021, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM GMT+7


About the Event

Impact Enterprise Summit 2021

Theme: Resilience in Difficult Times - Driving Business toward a Sustainable Future

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM VN Time Saturday 26th June 2021

Format: virtual (via Hopin platform)

The Impact Enterprise Summit 2021 (IES2021), organized by Seed Planter and proudly sponsored by Global Affairs Canada, will bring together impact entrepreneurs, leaders from entrepreneurial partners, and aspiring future entrepreneurs in the impact enterprise ecosystem. The Summit aims to celebrate their agility and resilience in responding to these difficult times, as well as to inspire, motivate, and share experiences with young professionals who wish to create changes through entrepreneurship.


Most of the program is in Vietnamese. However, foreign participants can network with the speakers and impact enterprises in the Expo throughout the event.

09:00 - 09:15

Welcome & Opening Remark

Seed Planter

09:15 - 09:45

Keynote speech “Resilience in Difficult Times - Driving Business toward a Sustainable Future ”

  • The context of Vietnam and the role of impact enterprises in solving socio-environmental issues

Ms. Đàm Bích Thủy, President, Fulbright University Vietnam

10:00 - 10:45

Storytelling 1: JupViec and the journey to empower Vietnamese women

  • Explore how JupViec is creating jobs for rural women and reducing the chore burden on urban women

 Mr. Phan Hồng Minh, Founder & CEO, Jupviec

Storytelling 2: VINASAMEX - From cinnamon and anise to enhancing Vietnamese farmers’ livelihoods

  • Learn how VINASAMEX is working with farmers to produce high-quality organic anise and cinnamon products for export to international markets

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Huyền, CEO,  VINASAMEX

Storytelling 3:  Dong Dong Sai Gon - Sustainable accessories and a love story with Sai Gon

  • Embark on their journey to recycle tarpaulins into durable, beautiful accessories and reduce plastic waste

Ms. Kiều Anh - Ms. Thảo Trang - Ms. Tú Quân, Co-founders, Dong Dong Sai Gon

Panel Discussion: Government support for Impact Entrepreneurship: What can we learn from the world best country for social entrepreneurship

  • Gain insights from the Canadian government in promoting social entrepreneurship and impact investment, and draw implications for Vietnam’s policy design and implementation

Moderator: Mr. Ryan Leonhard, Executive Director, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CANCHAM) in Vietnam, Hanoi


1. Mr. Nguyễn Hoa Cương, Vice-President, Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM)

2. David LePage, Managing Director at Buys Social Canada & Chair, Social Enterprise Council of Canada

3. Mr. Keith Ippel, Co-founder & CEO at Spring Activator, British Columbia

11:00 - 11:45

Panel discussion 1: COVID-19: How have impact enterprises steered out from the storm?

  • Join us to discuss the difficulties IEs are facing during the pandemic, how they dealt with it and their lessons to prepare for future crises

Moderator: Chị Trương Thị Nam Thắng, Founder/CEO, CSIE


1. Mr. Vũ Anh Tú, Co-Founder, CEO, Journey of the Senses

2. Ms. Lê Ngọc Uyên, Marketing & Strategy Manager, Việt Trang Handicraft

3. Ms. Linh Hoàng, Founder & CEO, WeGrow Edu

4. Mr. Trần Mạnh Huy, Co-founder & CEO, V.B.P.O

Panel discussion 2: The journey to becoming an Impact Entrepreneur: Adaptation is the key to success

  • Learn how IEs mobilize local resources, develop sustainable local business ecosystems and improve local livelihood

Moderator: Ms. Phạm Kiều Oanh, Founder & CEO, CSIP


1. Ms. Phạm Thị Thanh Trinh, Co-Founder & CEO, DAKADO Group

2. Mr. Trần Đăng Đạt, Founder & CEO, Đạt Butter

3. Ms. Hảo Đinh, CEO,  Dabac Community-based Tourism

12:30 - 13:00

Fireside Chat: Buy Social & Sustainable lifestyle

  • Hear Ms. Doan Thanh Hai and Helly Tong share how individual choices in daily consumption and lifestyle can make an impact on our society & planet, as well as to support IEs in spreading positive values

1. Ms. Đoàn Thanh Hải, Program Manager, British Council

2. Ms. Tống Khánh Linh (Helly), Founder The Yên Concept/ Co-founder, Lại Đây Refill Station/ Communication Director, Sống Foundation

13:00 - 14:00

Livestream: Amazing Box - Join us to unbox unique products from IEs

  • Discover creativity & enthusiasm crafted in IEs' products, and have the opportunity to own  meaningful gifts from them

Host: Ms. Hachi, Startup Grind Vietnam

14:00 - 14:45

Workshop: Solutions to the human resource problems in IEs working with disadvantaged groups

  • Learn how to recruit, train and develop staff from disadvantaged groups

Mr. Trần Mạnh Huy, Co-founder & CEO, V.B.P.O JSC

Workshop: Methods to mobilize financial resources for IEs

  • Learn the requirements of each method of resource mobilization and make strategic decisions for each stage of your business development

Mr. Hoàng Nguyễn, Investment Associate, Beacon Fund

Workshop: Branding for businesses with a social mission

  • Learn about branding and delivering your “promise" to the community, how IEs with limited resources can build a long-term brand strategy and reach customers effectively

Mr. Bạch Dương, Founder, BetterCre Agency

15:00 - 16:00

Panel discussion: Contests and incubators - Launchpad for IEs

  • Explore benefits and opportunities from contests and incubator programs with successful enterprises

Moderator: Chị Phan Hoàng Lan, Head of Exploration, UNDP Viet Nam Accelerator Lab


1. Mr. Nguyễn Phan Thiên Lãm, Co-founder, PANDO

2. Ms. Nguyên Võ, CEO, Green Joy

Panel discussion: Finding strategic partnerships and collaborative opportunities to multiply the impact

  • Join us to hear about opportunities to cooperate with development organizations, cultural agencies and private firms to expand your IEs and diffuse your values wider

Moderator: Anh Ngô Việt Dũng, Head of Startup Fund, BSSC


1. Ms. Phan Thanh Vân, CEO, Tòhe

2. Ms. Đặng Thị Hương, Founder & CEO, HopeBox

3. Ms. Chu Kim Đức, Co-founder & CEO, Think Playgrounds

16:00 - 16:15

Closing Ceremony

Hoang Tuan Anh, Co-founder, Seed Planter

16:15 - 17:00

Networking Time

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