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#5, CN13 Street, Tan Binh Industrial, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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QHQ Pharmafood International (QHQPFI) is a joint venture between QHQ International Incorporated (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and Capital Seaweed Consumer Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).

The mission of QHQPFI is to improve health and general well-being of global consumers through applications of biotechnology. In order to achieve this mission, QHQPFI focuses on three major inventions in the last few decades: nanobubble technology, single-cell technology, and prebiotics technology.

QHQ PFI’s major functions include trades, productions of its own products, OEM and ODM for partners in its network of distributors, wholesalers and marketers. It also conducts research of new technology and developments of new products to support the above activities. The main products of QHQ PFI are functional foods and drinks. It is also researching to introduce products with capacity to improve and promote natural, clean and green agriculture.