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Crossing the Street book Donation

VinaCapital Foundation Raises Funds for The Children with “Crossing the Street” by Andy Ho

Andy Ho, VinaCapital’s Chief Investment Officer, is not only one of the leading figures in Vietnam’s investment sector but is also a dedicated investor in the future of Vietnam’s children. Andy is a long-time advisor to and supporter of the VinaCapital Foundation (VCF), a US-registered NGO working to reduce poverty, improve access to healthcare, and promote education for the underprivileged.

“Crossing the Street”, which was published in late June, is Andy’s first book about his experiences in Vietnam and it gives readers a clear-eyed look at the opportunities and challenges of investing in this vibrant country. Available overseas on Amazon, the book is exclusively available in Vietnam at VCF for a minimum donation to our work. Andy has donated a limited number of books to raise funds for children with non-communicable diseases. He’s not only willing to share his knowledge and experiences, but also shares any proceeds he makes from the book with disadvantaged children.


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