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From September 19 to 29, join the World Heart Day Challenge with VinaCapital Foundation and Heartbeat Vietnam to raise awareness of heart health to millions around the world and bring people together. Within 10 days, we challenge you to walk, run or bike a heart shape in your city. Whatever distance you make, every step counts for your heart health. We want to see as many hearts in as many cities as possible from September 19 to 29, 2022. Whether alone or in a group, create your heart shape and share it with others. Participants will join the challenge by following these steps below:

Step 1: PLAN YOUR ROUTE: Plan out a route to create your best heart shape where you are.

Step 2: COMPLETE YOUR CHALLENGE: Whether you prefer to walk, run or cycle, complete your heart.

Step 3: SUBMIT YOUR HEART ROUTE: You can use Google Maps to record your route, upload a photo or screenshot on your personal page and set it to public. Use the hashtags: #WorldHeartDay2022 #WorldHeartDayChallenge #ThuthachSucKhoe #UseHeartForEveryHeart #MotTraiTimViMoiTraiTim, so we can find your post. This year we must USE FOR EVERY ! Get involved with VCF and Heartbeat Vietnam and start spreading the word to maintain healthy habits for the heart to everyone around you. And as we say "the more the merrier", don't hesitate to challenge your friends!


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