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Business Services


CanCham offers dedicated programs providing business, university, trade, and diplomatic missions visiting Vietnam with comprehensive delegation management services including transportation logistics, accommodations, program development, and B2B meeting organization.


Our One-Stop Approach

  • Consultation on mission needs, schedule, and logistics

  • Identification of potential mission partners, supporters, and stakeholders

  • Full program development including event planning, expert presentations, roundtables, site visits, and any other activities

  • B2B company / client sourcing and meeting confirmation

  • Dedicated staff support for travel, translation, and others


CanCham offers start-to-finish bespoke event management services, saving you the effort and guaranteeing the quality of the events you host in Vietnam.


Event Management Service

  • Venue sourcing and recommendation

  • Guest list management

  • Keynote/industry speaker sourcing

  • Vendor sourcing and management

  • Administrative support

  • Personnel support on the day to manage event flow and logistics 

  • Worry free access to your guests - so that business can be done


CanCham can be your support on the ground in Vietnam. We have 20 years experience in Vietnam and can help you get your company’s operations up and running.   


Support Services

  • Limited landing services

  • Job Portal access

  • Market overview and introduction

  • Service provider referrals

  • Administrative services

Interested in any of our business services? 

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Zach Herbers

Executive Director

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