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Ralf Matthaes


Honourary Member

Ralf has worked and lived in Vietnam for over 25 years, all in market research. After 20 years of Corporate life, Ralf established Infocus Mekong Research, Vietnam’s first dedicated smartphone-based research agency with the largest consumer-based panel in Vietnam. From 1996 – 2015, Ralf set-up and ran offices in Vietnam and South Asia, as Regional Managing Director TNS – Kantar South Asia. Prior to coming to Vietnam in 1994, Ralf served as a policy analyst for the Provincial Minister of Finance for Ontario, Canada. He holds an honours degree from Wilfred Laurier University, Canada. Ralf has served in various capacities on the Cancham Board for 10 years, serving as President, Vice-President and Board Member. A Passionate Hockey Fan, Ralf established the Cancham HCMC Ice Hockey League in 2017.

Honourary Member

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