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Nano Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd

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(+84) 1900 8666 25






6th Floor, Block D, La Thanh Guest House, 226 Van Phuc, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi

Business Industry: 

Finance Technologies


Nano Technologies is a pioneering company providing a Financial & Flexible Benefits Platform in Vietnam. “Why only one payday a month? Can we pay better to make work happier?” Vui App, Nano’s flagship product, empowers workers with on-demand salaries. Going beyond payroll, Nano is developing broader financial services on Vui App to make it the comprehensive wellbeing platform that helps employers build a sustainable workforce.

Around 100.000 employees of leading companies such as FPT Retail, Central Retail Vietnam, GS25, Kangaroo, AA Corporation, TTF, etc., have been granted instant salary access on Vui App by 2022. After pre-series A fundraising in 2022, Nano (Vui App) have raised a total of US$10 million to expand its platform with an aim to support both employers and employees in disruptive times.

Nano was founded in 2020 by Dzung Dang (ex-GM of Uber, ex-CEO of ZaloPay), Thang Nguyen (CTO of Focal Labs), and a dedicated team. The leaders are also the advisory board of VINASME expertise in employee benefit innovations.

We are looking forward to collaborating with companies to implement Vui App, a new initiative to help improve employee happiness and retention.

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