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[CanCham's News] CanCham Vietnam's Board members met with Canadian Ambassador Shawn Steil

On 24th November 2022, the Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam met with the Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam - Mr. Shawn Steil, the Consulate General of Canada - Mr. Bez Babakhani, and the Trade Commission Service for Ho Chi Minh City and Provincial Trade offices to share insights and discuss future cooperation for the upcoming year 2023.

Canadian Ambassador round table discussion with CanCham Board members
CanCham Vietnam Board members met with the Canadian Ambassador - Mr. Shawn Steil

Representatives from CanCham Vietnam include:

Mr. Mike Hebert, President

Mr. Ismael Pili, Vice President

Ms. Sarah Galeski, Secretary

Mr. David Paillé, Board Member

Mr. Zach Herbers, Executive Director

As part of the meeting, CanCham Vietnam board members discussed with the Ambassador the key market trends, challenges, as well as opportunities for Canadian businesses operating in Vietnam in 2022 and looking ahead to 2023. The board also shared insights into what CanCham Vietnam is hearing from its members, members' feedback and contributions; Canada-related topics that are gaining interest from companies around the world e.g. business immigration, education, investment etc.

Furthermore, the Board of CanCham Vietnam and the Ambassador also shared plans for the celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Vietnam. Moving into 2023, CanCham plans for a busy year in supporting new and existing members in both Canada and Vietnam while at the same time looking forward to developing further sector-focused events, B2B support and helping bilateral visits reach their key markets as part of the trade mission to introduce and connect Canadian businesses to world.

On the note of Canada's newly developed strategy, the launch of Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy was also highlighted during the meeting. CanCham's Board members and the Ambassador talked about what it means for Vietnam and Canada as well as CanCham's vision and what CanCham Vietnam can offer in the role of a supporting organization to grow opportunity and connection between countries.

Additionally, a discussion on how to enhance Canada's presence in Vietnam was also included in the meeting e.g. how to strengthen communication between the two countries, promotional activities for Canadian businesses in Vietnam as well as support communication for Vietnamese businesses entering the Canadian market.

By CanCham Vietnam

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