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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Dear CanCham Members,

We are grateful for your support of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam, and are excited by the growth in membership and positive direction the Chamber is heading in. As part of our mission to support our membership community and the development of connection and opportunity between Canada and Vietnam, we are excited to announce some new member-exclusive initiatives we hope you will find to be of value. 1) Member insights Submission Page: You may now submit content realting to news about your company, market insights, and other information directly through our website. Simply click on the "Member Insights" link on our menu bar and in five business days or less, your content will be shared through CanCham channels. This helps provide promotional benefit to our members and the sharing of information through our community.

2) Job Portal: We are aware of how challenging it can be to find talent, regardless of whether you are just starting out or have years of experience in the market. To assist you with this, we have launched a Job Portal page where members can post their advertisements for free. We hope to bring more updates as we move forward, so please share your feedback on other ways we can provide value with us.

3) Exclusive landing page: Now you have the option of requesting a landing page on our website that is fully customized for you. Our members are entitled to a 50% discount on having their posts featured on the CanCham website, promoted through our social media channels, and linked to a landing page designed by the CanCham team. Contact us for more information!

4) Promotional Videos: We now accept video content from our members! Promote your organization by providing us with relevant short videos that focus on the Vietnam - Canada dialogue.

5) Sponsored Webinar Model: Share your expertise with hundreds of potential partners through a custom online webinar hosted by CanCham. Tell us the topic and the target audience you want to reach, and we'll handle the rest. Our affiliate network allows for effective promotion across Asia and Canada, and the sponsorship fee is simply based on the number of registered participants on the day.

We hope that these benefits will enhance your experience as a member of CanCham Vietnam. We are committed to providing the highest level of benefit to our members and value your engagement and feedback, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce ---- Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam 🇨🇦

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