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Job Opportunity: Vancouver Island University Recruitment and Marketing Representative for ASEAN

Vancouver Island University (VIU) is offering an exciting opportunity for the right individual. VIU is seeking to contract a person to represent their interests in ASEAN countries. Under the direction of the VIU Director of International Marketing the recruiter will be responsible for the creation and implementation of an annual marketing & student recruitment plan for VIU in ASEAN countries.

Specific duties include:

  • Recruit students for VIU

  • Enlist, train and monitor recruitment agents in various countries to recruit students

  • Disseminates promotional materials

  • Represent VIU and the High School at VIU at education fairs, government ministries, educational institutions and other potential partners.

  • Support visiting VIU faculty & staff in the region

  • Maintain awareness of Canadian government regulations affecting international students

The recruiter will be based in the region. The specific city is negotiable, provided it is close to an international airport and readily accessible by air. The position requires extensive travel in ASEAN and to Canada.

Regional Responsibilities:

  • Vietnam

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia

  • Thailand

  • Malaysia

  • Singapore

Vancouver Island University is located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. More information about VIU and the academic offerings it has can be found at

Position Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

  • Fluency in English

  • Experience in working with post-secondary education institutions

  • Student recruitment experience

  • Minimum of five years’ work experience

  • Experienced in online marketing methods (eg. Google ads, social media, etc)

  • International travel experience

  • Valid passport


  • Fluency in one or more ASEAN languages

  • Experience in Canadian post-secondary education

Contract Requirements:

  • VIU is seeking to procure the above recruitment services from an independent service provider. The successful service provider will be asked to enter into a services agreement with VIU to provide services three years, subject to renewal upon successful completion.

  • Fees will be commensurate with experience and abilities

Interested service providers can submit their resume and covering letter to Bruce Condie, Director of International Marketing:

Application deadline: Oct 10, 2021

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