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[Member's News] InterContinental Tet Hamper 2023


With an eye-catching shade of yellow, the gloriously blooming apricot blossoms motif, and a glance of soaring swallows, the Tet Hamper 2023 from InterContinental Saigon seemingly has brought Tet to everyone a little earlier.

Drawing inspiration from two beloved images of Tet in Vietnam, that is the apricot blossoms and the indispensable Tet sweets box, InterContinental Saigon is proud to present a meaningful gift set named “Glorious Apricot Blossoms”.

The product was fully designed from scratch by the hotel with a meaningful and intimate story behind, doubling its intimacy value as a gift. In there, as the focus of the design, the apricot blossoms motif that surround “Year of the Cat” element hinting not only a vigorous spring but also luck and well-being for the whole year. The box is clad in a harmonious combination of an eye-catching shade of yellow outside and a calm, nurturing green inside. And upon inspecting up close, the silk-patterned wrap paper both gives a pleasant touch and sense of elegance for the motifs on top.

Packed with 8 flavourful treats inside, our Tet Hamper pay homage to the Tet sweets box. If Vietnamese try to keep their sweets box as a symbol of abundance, our Tet Hamper bear the wishes for fortune and prosperity to those who receive it.

Priced at VND 1,480,000+ per hamper including:

  • Red wine label Terre Forti

  • Strawberry jam from Le Fruit (225gr)

  • Pomelo peels (150gr)

  • Macadamia (150gr)

  • Spicy chicken floss (120gr)

  • InterContinental Saigon's homemade cookies (120gr)

  • ProCaffe coffee powder (120gr)

  • Coffee filter

  • Pack of 10 Red envelopes

Book and pay fully before December 31st 2022 to enjoy 10% off

InterContinental Saigon offers our signature logo customization service as a way to elevate the Tet Hamper as a corporate gifts.

Find our more information at

To be advised further, please contact email or call 0906 854 096

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