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“Peacock Under the Moon” Mooncakes Collection 2022 from InterContinental Saigon

“Peacock Under the Moon” Mooncakes Collection 2022 from InterContinental Saigon

A new Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, back by popular demand, InterContinental Saigon is glad to bring back the guest-loved Peacock Under the Moon Mooncakes Collection for yet another full moon.

Having a round shape resemble that of a full moon midst August of the Lunar Calendar – where it shines the brightest, our gift box carries a message of prosperity and reunion to its recipients. The two primary colours that made up the box, Orange and Navy Blue, stand for optimism and hopefulness, combine to create an eye-catching backdrop on which the embossed symbols of The Moon, The Peacock and The Peonies lay in full glory. The bests, however, come from the within where our brand new, premium mooncakes give the meaning of luxury to the present.

Each box of Peacock Under the Moon is priced at VND 1,068,000+ (exclusive of VAT), include four cakes of:

  • Special Seafood X.O Sauce (01 egg yolk) has the signature intense flavor of the exquisite X.O sauce, which is made from many high quality ingredients such as scallop or cured ham, making it one of the first choices among premier mooncake selections.

  • Jambon Nuts & Eight Treasures (01 egg yolk) is made from a mix of jambon and eight different types of nuts, seeds and jams to create a well-balanced taste, easily enjoyed by all.

  • Special Salanganes (01 egg yolk) is one of the two default sweet mooncakes, has a mild sweetness coming from the premium salanganes’ nests and is perfectly accompanied by the taste of the salted egg yolk.

  • Mung Bean Lava (01 egg yolk) is one of the modern iterations of the classic mooncakes with its signature soft, melting egg yolk core surrounded by the popular mung bean paste.

With its meaningful message and beautiful design preserved in addition to enhanced mooncakes’ quality, the Peacock Under the Moon Mooncakes Collection by InterContinental Saigon will deliver on your behalf the sincere wishes to friends, partners and loved ones.

Mooncakes Customisation:

Guests are free to customise their gift boxes between our choice of four default fillings and two substitutes, Coconut and Green Tea Lotus Seeds, when order from 50 boxes. A surcharge of VND 20,000+ per cake is applicable for orders of fewer than 50 boxes.

Logo Customisation:

To emphasise more on the formality for presents to the business partners, Guests can opt to add in a company logo tag on gift boxes for VND 30,000+ per box, only applicable for orders of 50 boxes or more.

Early Bird Offer:

· For pre-orders with complete payment by 15/07: 15% off

· For pre-orders with complete payment between 16/07 and 31/07: 10% off


· Hotline: 0914 296 750 / 0906 733 295


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