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Thaco Trailers continues to make a mark with specifically designed products for the Canadian market

In quarter I/2024, Thaco Trailers officially initiated its export activities with a shipment of semi-trailers valued at $1.1 million to Vancouver Port, Canada. The shipment includes 20' Slider Tandem With Rear Fifth Wheel, 20'/40'/45' City Combo Tridem With Genset, and 20'/40'/45' City Combo Without Genset. The products are specifically designed and manufactured for the Canadian market and strictly meet North American traffic standards such as DOT, AAR, ANSI, TOFC, F(C)MVSS, SAE, and TTMA. This event serves as evidence of the successful strategic partnership between Thaco Trailers and Ocean Trailer - a leading distributor of semi-trailers in Canada.


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