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[Webinar] Manufacturing in Vietnam 101 recap

On 7th December 2022, Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam proudly organized an online webinar on "Manufacturing in Vietnam 101", which has successfully attracted more than 145 registrations and participations. Through the Webinar, we hope to provide our participants with a deeper understanding of the structure and prospects of the Manufacturing sector in Vietnam as well as a more objective, practical, multidimensional perspective when it comes to Manufacture. With CanCham Vietnam's Executive Director - Mr. Zach Herbers as the Moderator, our three experienced speakers shared their knowledgeable insights on the topic that is "Manufacturing in Vietnam".

Mr. Zacharie Blondeau from Source Of Asia talked about the shift in the world's supply chains - countries starting to move their supply chains South of China to Vietnam, calling it the "China Plus One Strategy"; key factors in contributing to Vietnam becoming the new manufacturing hub of ASEAN and challenges to set up in ASEAN markets.

Find more details on Mr. Zacharie's presentation here.

Mr. Bui Le Anh Hieu from Long Hau Corporation shared overviews on Industrial Parks in Vietnam while emphasizing on how an Industrial Park can support

🏭 FDI Attraction in Vietnam focuses on Utilities & Manufacturing 🏭 Vietnam's Economic Zones & Industrial Parks 🏭 The core values of Long Hau Corporation

Find more details on Mr. Hieu's presentation here.

Mr. Dan On from Dan On Foods shared his lived experience on owning and operating manufacturing factories as a Canadian in Vietnam as well as giving some pointers and advices for new businesses and manufacturers coming to Vietnam.

Find the full recording of our webinar here:

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and look forward to seeing you at CanCham Vietnam's next events.

By CanCham Vietnam

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