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[Webinar] Why Vietnam? Opportunities for Canadian Business 101 recap

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

On 8th September 2022, Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam Executive Director - Mr. Zach Herbers moderate a webinar on "Opportunities for Canadian Businesses in Vietnam"

As Vietnam has become Canada's largest trading partner in the ASEAN region, hitting a record of $10.5 billion CAD in bilateral trade in 2021, despite the pandemic and supply chain disruptions.

Canada is now Vietnam's third largest trading partner in the Americas, after the US and Brazil. This trajectory is expected to continue, with both Canadian and Vietnamese Governments reaffirming commitments to boost bilateral trade in 2022 and beyond.

Furthermore, Vietnam is quickly becoming one of Asia's most attractive investment destinations. Canadian FDI into Vietnam is growing, estimated to be currently representing $5 billion USD in over 230 projects across various sectors.

"Why Vietnam" is the first webinar in the series organized by the Canadian Chamber in Vietnam in an effort to increase awareness, connections, and opportunities between the two countries.

The event was sponsored by ALTIOS - and has received over 100 registered participations from all over the globe, in big cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Hongkong, Ho Chi Minh City and many more.

The talk covered topics such as Vietnam economy overview and key sectors as well as opportunities for businesses to look at in Vietnam.

During the whole session, the two experts from ALTIOS have presented several points for businesses to consider when coming to Vietnam marker:

Miss Sophie Jiang, Country Coordinator at ALTIOS Vietnam shared about the key sectors and in market trends for Vietnam and,

Mr. Didier Demange, ALTIOS North America Business Director, talked about key considerations and approaches for Canadian companies that are looking to enter Vietnam market.

Re-watch the webinar here:

Event Sponsor:

Since 1991, ALTIOS is here to provide international market expansion solutions to companies operating and investing abroad. ALTIOS supports you with everything you need, from nurturing your growth strategy to your international acceleration by entering dynamic markets, to setting up and operating your foreign branch with everyday compliance administration – HR, accounting, tax... – through to strategic cross-border acquisition. With ALTIOS, one partner is all you need.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam would also like to express our gratitude toward all of our co-hosts, partners and members for your supports to help promote this this webinar to audiences all over the world which has helped us achieve well over 100 registrations.

Special thanks to: The Government of British Columbia, The Government of Saskatchewan, Investment Quebec, The Surrey Board of Trade, Canada Pork, Fisheries Council of Canada, The Canada ASEAN Business Council, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

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