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Welcome New CanCham Member - August 2023

Updated: Sep 25

Please join us in welcoming New CanCham Members of August 2023


Citizen Pathway - Immigrant investment in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe - Optimizing personalized immigration solutions for clients.

Citizen Pathway is proud to be one of the Investment and Immigration Consulting agencies in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. With the mission of helping Vietnamese settle and do business successfully in the world.

Over one decade of operation in the Immigration field, Citizen Pathway has affirmed its position when assisting 600 clients to successfully settle globally. Our strength is to focus on each client’s profile, analyze and advise the appropriate program and immigration route.

With a lot of experienced partners, Citizen Pathway works directly with experienced immigration lawyers, prestigious project developers and leading experts in the field of immigration. This ensures that information about programs and the projects is introduced to investors transparently, strictly comply with settlement regulations and policies set by the Governments.

In addition, Citizen Pathway has many different immigration programs to advise suitable business ideas based on the client's experience.

Citizen Pathway is committed to accompanying throughout the application process until the client successfully. With dedicated service, professional team, we will connect and help you have the best environment in the world, and get a better future for your next generations.

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Discover the World has earned a reputation as a leader in global travel distribution in its 42 years of operation. Discover’s success in developing a global network of offices in 60 countries capable of exceptional representation performance is unmatched. With a portfolio of over 100 clients across the airline, hospitality, cruise, car and technology partners utilizing its sales, marketing and business process outsourcing services, Discover the World remains a dominant innovator for the travel industry.

Discover the World Vietnam represents Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Polish Airlines, Fiji Airways, Flexflight, Expedia TAAP, Hertz, Royal Caribbean International, Holland American Line, Costa. Our extensive experience across the travel industry and strong network of local contacts will enable effective distribution of our clients' products across various channels.

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AHT Tech emerges as a distinguished leader in software development and technology solutions consultancy, proudly headquartered in Vietnam. Since our inception in 2007, AHT Tech has risen to prominence on the global stage, establishing a remarkable presence across nine countries through ten branches. With a robust team of adept technology developers, our journey has been marked by innovation and excellence.

Our core mission revolves around empowering both local and international businesses, transcending industry and scale, by offering tailored technology solutions. Our expansive expertise encompasses a wide spectrum:

- Holistic digital transformation advisory: From ERP, CRM, SCM to BI, our solution architects guide businesses towards efficiency.

- On-demand bespoke software development: We specialize in diverse domains including E-commerce, developing web and mobile applications, SaaS products, and ensuring seamless system integration.

- Navigating digital marketing landscapes with prowess.

Our prestigious client portfolio speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence. Among our valued clients are globally recognized brands such as Bosch, Nike, Nippon Paint, Baskin Robbins, and Peter Millar. Partnering with these industry giants has not only fortified our expertise but also validated our prowess in delivering top-notch solutions. This rich tapestry of clientele is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services that resonate across diverse sectors.

At the heart of AHT Tech lies an unwavering vision: to empower enterprises across the globe, facilitating them to unleash their true potential by fostering unparalleled connections with customers. Our aspiration echoes a world where businesses of all sizes harness the frontier technologies at their disposal, revolutionizing operations and amplifying the customer journey.

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