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Welcome New CanCham Member - June 2023

Please join us to welcome New CanCham Member of June 2023 - C+ Consulting & Investment Corp.


CanCham Member - Evoco Ltd. Logo

C+ Consult. is an experienced team with diversified backgrounds but a united vision and mission. We are backed by professionals and experts in many industries.

Our story comes from the realization that foreign investors who enter new markets for manufacturing facilities establishments face vast challenges in making countless decisions. All investors want to make the best decisions to ensure their investments are the most efficient and at the lowest risk. Among the varied decisions, ones on site-location selection are critical.

But, how have the investors done? How do investors know they have made the right choice? How do they assess differently-weighted conditions in a series of criteria? In many cases, investors made decisions on the site selection for their factories without a thorough evaluation and quantified comparison.

C+ Consult. is founded to cope with those matters by providing clients with professional advisory services supported by our unique-built methodology and technology for the right site selection.

We have designed the entire process of these decision-making paths, and shall alongside clients throughout the whole journey. With this differentiated know-how, the spirit of service, and the company’s experienced consultants, we could make clients’ investments the most efficient.

We are committed to providing first-class services to our clients.



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