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Welcome new CanCham members - February 2022

Please join us to welcome new CanCham members of January!

Long Hau Corporation (LHC) – Long Hau Industrial Park provides convenience and sustainable environment for both local and foreign manufacturing companies. After over 13 years in operation, Long Hau IP has proven and be admitted widely by not only 200 tenant companies but also business and producers community as a very good industrial park that provide tenants convenience, security, time and cost saving in set up companies and operation.

Playing a critical role in the Master Plan of HCMC for expanding to the South, belonging to Southern Key Economic Region, being transition point between HCMC and Mekong Delta, Long Hau IP maximizes investors’ turnover.

We believe in the power of connecting communities by creating people-to-people ties.

We created Northern Road to help people connect with Canada and to do amazing things together. We connect people with their communities and introduce them to new communities to support them to prosper. The lives they dream of. The adventures they seek for. To reconnect families and their loved ones. And foster what it truly means to be a proud part of Canadian society. Whether you're looking to visit and explore a new country or making a bold leap forward to igniting new opportunities in your life, Northern Road Canada is here to help you unlock your unique story for life in Canada.

Why Northern Road Canada?

We help people ignite new opportunities and elevate the lives of others. Whatever your immigration challenge, we strive together to attain your ambitions and goals.

Our immigration expertise provides hands-on guidance to meet our customers where they are and find the best possible solutions to make your dream to go to Canada become a reality

We provide retail wine sales consulting services for retail wine shops, train wine sales teams on how to become outstanding retail sales reps, lend support to wine importers and soon we’ll sell wine on-line.

Our plan is to provide similar structures and strategies the largest wine distributors use in North America to increase distribution, sales, revenue and profit margins.

Mediastep Software Inc. is a software startup developing a Consumer platform to be launched in ASEAN in 2017. Headquarter in Vancouver, Canada, the product development office is based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


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