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According to IBISWorld's report, the Canadian trailer and semi-trailer market is estimated to reach $5.5 billion by 2023. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6%.

Seize that opportunity, in 2023, THACO INDUSTRIES exported its semi-trailer under brand Thaco Trailers to Canada, marking a significant turning point in the export market expansion strategy.

THACO INDUSTRIES has many advantages that make its semi-trailers competitive in the Canadian market, including:

Advanced technology, meeting international standards

THACO INDUSTRIES’ semi-trailer plant meets international standards. Products are manufactured on a closed production line with the most modern equipment in Southeast Asia region. The production process operates strictly and synchronously from input to output through the stages: Fabrication, Welding, Painting, Assembly, Inspection & Testing and Packing.

Semi-trailers are manufactured with advanced technology.
Semi-trailers are manufactured with advanced technology.

Development of products as customization

Strong investment in R&D activities is the main factor for Thaco Trailers' success in the Canadian semi-trailer market. With a total investment capital of USD 50 million, our state-of-the-art R&D is constructed on an area of 20,000 m², including 1,000 high-quality experts and engineers along with modern equipment and technological design, simulation software such as Autocad, Catia, HyperWorks... Products are designed according to the customer's unique requirements, suitable for each export market and strictly meet traffic standards such as DOT, AAR, ANSI, TOFC, F(C)MVSS, SAE, and TTMA.

THACO INDUSTRIES focuses on R&D activities to meet customers' unique requirements.
THACO INDUSTRIES focuses on R&D activities to meet customers' unique requirements.

Competitive price

THACO INDUSTRIES collaborates with multiple worldwide manufacturers and has beneficial labor costs.

Additionally, we have obtained Vietnamese-origin certification for our products. Therefore, importing semi-trailers from THACO INDUSTRIES will provide advantages in terms of pricing with the high localization rate of 64% and tax benefit. It has been applying local & self-manufactured components such as chassis frame, landing gear, tire & wheel, suspension, leaf springs, air tank, wire harness,…

Components are manufactured by Thaco Trailers.
Components are manufactured by Thaco Trailers.

Recently, THACO INDUSTRIES has exported more than 1,300 semi-trailers to the Canadian market, including lines: 40' Gooseneck Tridem, 20'/40'/45' Combo Tridem, 40'/53' Slider Tridem; 20'/40'/45' City Tridem, 20' Slider Rear Fifth Wheel, Dolly Tandem.

Besides, THACO INDUSTRIES is under-development to launch more new products: 48'/53' Flatbed, 20'/40' Combo Tridem with Rear Fifth Wheel and 20'/53' Extendable. In the coming time, the Corporation will focus on developing types of skeleton semi-trailers for the East Coast Canadian market and specialized semi-trailer components (car-carrying semi-trailer component assemblies, floor flatbed semi-trailers, low flatbed-trailer).

Semi-trailers have been exported to Canada.
Semi-trailers have been exported to Canada.

With experience in manufacturing and exporting semi-trailers to many other international markets, including the US, Mexico, Austrailia, Japan, Myanmar and Thailand, THACO INDUSTRIES will further expand its market share in Canadian market.

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