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Get to know the board - Ismael Pili

CanCham does networking differently....

Introducing Get To Know CanCham Board Series 🍁

We are conducting small 5-question interviews with our board to get to know them a little more. The questions aim to learn about them on a much deeper level by asking personal questions that bring to surface their deeper ponderings.

Get To Know CanCham Board Series 🍁

We interviewed Ismael Pili to hear about what impacted his career...

1️⃣ What do you miss most about Canada?

Being from Calgary, I miss the outdoors year-round: from skiing, skating, hikes/snow shoeing, & even tobogganing in winters followed by the post activity lunch or dinner at a warm establishment (Banff is a favourite spot) to mountain biking, hiking, camping, boating, riding, & bbqs during the long days of summer.

2️⃣ What are you most excited about being a part of the CanCham board?

An opportunity to promote and connect Canadian opportunities, culture, and events to Vietnam, be it for business or social purposes.

3️⃣ What was your first job?

Teaching piano part time during university.

4️⃣ What are you most passionate about?

Sports (personal interest), Stocks (my job), Music (influenced by years of Royal Conservatory classical piano lessons), Wine (WSET 3 certification). From this list, I’d cite sports in particular: I grew up with a group of friends (that to this day remain best of friends) that were great student-athletes in various sports (a few made the Olympics) & we spent years playing/training together in school teams & clubs. Physical education was going to be my major, until it dawned on me that it would be better to be a stockbroker (than a PE teacher) and switched to Economics.

5️⃣ What are the key moments in your career?

Moving to Asia as an accidental tourist (and unexpectedly remaining a ‘tourist’ by finding myself moving every 3 years (on average) to another country with a job that looked the region).


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