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Get to know the board - Jack Nguyen

CanCham does networking differently....

Introducing Get To Know CanCham Board Series 🍁

We are conducting small 5-question interviews with our board to get to know them a little more. The questions aim to learn about them on a much deeper level by asking personal questions that bring to surface their deeper ponderings.

We interviewed Jack Nguyen, CPA, CA to hear about what he thinks about Vietnam...

1️⃣ What do you miss most about Canada?

Spending time with my family and seeing the leaves change color in the fall.

2️⃣ What are you most excited about being a part of the CanCham board?

Being able to promote Vietnam as great country to invest and trade for Canadian companies.

3️⃣ What do you wish you knew in your 20's?

That life is short and live everyday to the fullest. Don’t rush to grow up and just enjoy the moment.

4️⃣ What was your first job?

My first job was delivering newspapers in my neighbourhood when I was 15 years old. It was an afterschool job and it took about an hour a day. I learned a lot of new skills with that first job.

5️⃣ What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about promoting Vietnam to the world. I believe Vietnam is well on its way to developing into a middle income country soon and potentially into a developed country in the next 20 years.

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