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Get to know the board - Matthew Mohr

CanCham does networking differently....

Introducing Get To Know CanCham Board Series 🍁

We are conducting small 5-question interviews with our board to get to know them a little more. The questions aim to learn about them on a much deeper level by asking personal questions that bring to surface their deeper ponderings.

We interviewed Matthew Mohr to hear about what brought him to Vietnam...

1️⃣ What do you miss most about Canada?

I really miss being able to frequently connect with family and friends. Zoom and video chats certainly make it easier, but I wish that Canada were not on the other side of the world (20+ flight hours away) from Vietnam. I definitely don’t miss the weather - I haven’t actually seen snow since 2013 (and that was in Japan).

2️⃣ What are you most excited about being a part of the CanCham board?

I really like the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people to help advance Canadian business in Vietnam. This year as treasurer, I have the opportunity to apply some of my financial background to provide guidance and oversite on CanCham’s financial matters.

3️⃣ What was your first job?

I drove a forklift for several summers unloading freight cars as a summer student at Sherritt (mining company) in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. It was definitely a dirty job (freight contained nickel and cobalt powder), but the pay was great at the time.

4️⃣ What are the key moments in your career?

I would probably say that one of the key moment (and also the biggest risks) was coming to Asia (Hong Kong) back in 2012. Although I was able to transfer with my company (Sun Life), I still had no idea what to expect in Asia (both professionally and personally), given I had never been to the continent before.

5️⃣ What was your childhood dream job?

Growing up in Western Canada, I debated between being a farmer and working at the bakery at Safeway. I ultimately chose neither.


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